First blog post

Hi. Welcome to my latest project: American politics. But, a word of caution – I am not known for my persistence. This is the latest of my blogs, and while I certainly intend to keep updating, I may lapse and once I do, there is a good chance I will not be heard of again. Let’s hope this blog won’t fall to that fate.

Now for the real word of caution: I am a Trump supporter. I voted for him on November 8th and I could not be prouder to have done so. I watched his inauguration on TV (on Fox no less) and stayed on for all day coverage. I may have understated my political identity because I am certain I am right leaning but I cannot be more particular than that.

What inspired the creation of this blog is my finding how chaotic political discourse have become, which can mislead one astray from the “truth,” in quotations because truth in politics is personal to one’s own beliefs. So the “truths” here will often point to right-leaning ideas. This is a spoiler alert. If you do not like those ideas AND do not want to be exposed to them, you do not have to keep reading. I do not want angry arguments or ad hominem attacks. However, if you do not like right-leaning ideas but can engage in a healthy discussion, I welcome you. But, if you do like those ideas, well, you should subscribe. Maybe we can be internet friends.

Finally, I expect for the most part I won’t have many original political thoughts. So, I will feature links to posts that I find interesting. This is a way to engage discussion, but, if no one likes them, I can just tell myself I am saving these “for posterity.”

Oh, one last finally. I have not thought hard about this, but I think I should have a cool pen name. Like Publius. Too bad I did not take Latin in my younger days, else I would be able to come up with one. Maybe in the next post I will sign off with a nice flourish, but for now, toodles, and thanks for reading.



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